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Box for photobook

from UAH360.00

The box for photo books is not only a convenient way to store a photo book, but also a wonderful additional design element.

The box will emphasize the value of your photo book and save it from the influence of external factors.

Box type
Колір обкладинки
Emphasizes the value of your photo book and saves it from external factors.
Photo Album

Varieties of boxes for photo books

Each box is made individually for your book. We offer two types of boxes: with one lid or with two.

Photo Album


Personalization of the box includes the same options as the cover of a photo book and may contain a metal sign plate, stamping or photo stack on the cover. For convenience, in the middle of the box is a tape which helps to easily remove the photo book.

Color palette more than 28 shades
Photo Album


We use only high-quality binding materials from leading European manufacturers (Netherlands, Italy).